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IPL Coverage

The excitement and expectations are building up as the DLF IPL is nearing it’s inauguration on 12-march-2010. There are good as well as bad news to the IPL management. The good news is that the IPL has clinched a deal with a UK TV company for the telecast of all its matches in Brittan. The ITV has reached an agreement With IPL for live telecasting all the matches. The feed will be from SETMAX and ITV will have its own commentators and pre- match and post match reviews. The ITV will also telecast the matches in ITV.com and mobiles. The chairman of the IPL has claimed the deal to be one of the major landmark achievements as the British cricketing fans will have the opportunity to watch the IPL global event live. This agreement is only for the current edition Of DLF IPL and likely to be extended for the future editions also. The popularity of this mega event is already on the raise and this present arrangement will set to enhance the popularity further.

The bad news for IPL management is that the international news agencies are likely to boycott the IPL coverage as they are not happy about the stringent restrictions imposed on them. The News Media Coalition is airing its concern about the freedom of the media and asks the IPL to review its guideline and clauses. The TV networks in India who have not won the rights also decided to boycott the IPL events in their networks due to disputable clauses regarding usage of footage. International news agencies may boycott the Indian Premier League for the second time in three years as tournament organizers attempt to impose stringent media-accreditation guidelines. The Indian news papers and media are also reconsidering their stand on coverage of the tournament in the light of these latest developments.