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Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Deccan Chargers


Kolkatta riders handed out a surprising defeat to the last time winners IPL Deccan Charges in the inauguration match on Friday. The Deccan Charger started off well both in the batting and bowling but finished badly in the finish. The Kolkatta Riders started very badly but kept their cool to win the match. The toss was won by Deccan chargers ...

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IPL T20 Third Edition – Inauguration


The DLF IPL T20 fever is fast catching up. All roads lead to the IPL T20 3 edition inauguration match in Mumbai. The first match between IPL Deccan Charges and IPL Mumbai Indians on 12-march will be the trend setter for the rest of the tournament. Sachin Tendulkar fresh from his fantastic world record will look forward to create another ...

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IPL 3 Cricket Match 2010


The DLF IPL teams are preparing for the third edition with new strategies based on the experience gained from the earlier editions. Some of the teams opted for new players to strengthen their batting, fielding and bowling departments. Some of the teams opted to change the leadership by entrusting the responsibility to another player hoping that the change will do ...

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IPL Revenue


The IPL plans to augment its revenue three fold by entering into several new prospective proposals. First, the IPL clinched a telecasting deal with ITV Brittan. Now, IPL has entered into a merchandising arrangement with a swish watch company Bandelier. More such proposals of merchandising deals are in the pipeline. The Auction for the two teams to be added next ...

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IPL Coverage


The excitement and expectations are building up as the DLF IPL is nearing it’s inauguration on 12-march-2010. There are good as well as bad news to the IPL management. The good news is that the IPL has clinched a deal with a UK TV company for the telecast of all its matches in Brittan. The ITV has reached an agreement ...

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IPL Venues and Pitches


The IPL 3 edition matches are going to be held at 12 venues. It is the responsibility of the IPL to ensure that the pitch at these playing grounds are fit and worthy for playing. The recent test match between Srilanka and India at Kotla ground triggered a contreversy.The Srilanka players refused to continue to play the matches due to ...

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The success of IPL T20 has surprised the other cricketing countries as they did not expect such a huge response to the tournament. The second edition held outside India also achieved the expected success and the Indian cricketing fans continue to give full support to this mega cricketing event. The franchisees who had won the auction for the eight teams ...

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IPL 2010 and Australian Players


The DLF IPL has created a division among the Australian players.It is reported that a briefing was held in Australia Where discussion was held about the security concerns of the players participating in the tournament to be held in India from 12-march-2010.The former players like Mathew Hayden, Adam Gilchrist and Shane Warne are in favor of playing the tournament where ...

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IPL 3 Security


The DLF IPL third edition is only 17 days away and still it is not sure whether the international players from England,Australia and South Africa will participate in the tournament. They are buying their time to take a final decision as they are watching the situation developments in India .The security adviser of Australian players has already submitted his report ...

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IPL Cheer Girls


There is only 19 days left for the start of DLF IPL – T20 match. The organizers are trying t put every thing in place so that the tournament becomes a grand success this time also. The excitement in India is already started with a wonderful photo finish of the south Africa-India one day match at JAIPUR on Sunday. India ...

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